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  • pool surface, re-surface with quartz or pebble finish
  • tile, re-tile pool waterline,
  • replace and upgrade pool lighting
  • add or improve water features
  • textured, or thin paver pool decking acid wash
  • replace or repair of equipments
  • install new or additional equipment
  • repair or replace piping, filter equipment and chemical feeders
  • reinstallation or addition of pool heaters
  • weekly pool maintenance
  • landscape recommendation


An important part of our business is re-surfacing pools for resorts, municipalities, HOA-s, universities, subdivisions, etc.

We promise to:

  • stay up-to-date with all county, city and state code requirements
  • follow the Virginia Graham-Baker Act compliance rule
  • help you with our experience to select the surface for your property

Pool Finishes

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Pool Tiles

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Plastering Process

First, a saw cut with a diamond masonry blade is made to undercut the tile line to preserve the existing swimming pool tile, unless new tile is being installed, then the old tile is removed. The pool is checked for loose plaster, which determines if we need to remove the plaster down to gunite, or bond coat the surface of the pool. While bond coat is the preferable way to prep your pool for plaster, sometimes the old surface is in such poor condition that all the old plaster has to be chipped off down to the gunite. All plaster chips and waste material will be cleaned up and hauled away.

Any other work to be done on the pool, including tile or equipment that is listed on your contract, will be done prior to the pool being plastered. Usually the pool will be plastered within 48 hours of the completion of the pre plaster inspection.

When plastering is complete, our plaster crew will start filling the pool with water. It is important that a hose is available to fill the pool. A protective cloth will be placed on the end of the hose. Additional hoses can be added, as long as they are protected on the end to prevent channeling the plaster. Hoses should not be allowed to whip or flail around in the pool. All hoses should be placed in the deep end. The pool “fill lines” should not be used until the water is within 6 inches of where the water comes into the pool. Water must not be turned off while the pool is filling.

The water should be shut off when it is about halfway up the tile line. If a spa is to be filled at the same time, it is important to turn the water off before it begins to flow over the dam wall into the pool (making sure water cannot leak through spa plumbing back into the pool) if there is any possibility of that happening, the spa should not be filled until pool is full. It is important that all irrigation sprinklers that may spray on exposed plaster are turned off during the pool filling sequence. Nothing should be added to the pool until it is finished filling. Nothing should be dragged across the pool surface nor should anyone be allowed to walk on the new plaster while it is filling with water. Your pool should fill in 24 hours.

If this creates a problem, our office should be contacted at 863-353-7793 for instructions.

The pool is now ready for start up.

Pools plastered and filled following the above procedure carry a five-year bonding warranty, which guarantees that plaster will be watertight and will not peel, blister or delaminate provided that the pool structure remains sound, that start-up procedures recommended by the builder or service company are followed and the water chemistry after start-up is properly maintained.

Pool Group

PoolGroup Network is is staffing system designed by POOLS to assist Pool professionals in an emergency need
Does any of the following questions sound familiar?

Have you ever been sick and can ' t go to work but have no one to help you?

Or have an emergency and end being back up 3 to 4 days in your pool route?

How about getting a text from one of your workers notifying you that yesterday was there last day and to come pick your truck?
PS : can you pay me in advance?

Have your wife , husband or child needed your presence and you could not be there because of your pool route?

Well Now there is HELP for you.

PoolGroup Network was designed specifically to for you.
To help service company owners like ourselves grow we a peace of mind.

We have been assisting pool professionals for 1 year now putting this idea into motion.
Anything from a non compete agreement , to would they treat my pools like I would was thought of and carefully custom made for each company.

POOLS even went went further by having a brand new Hammer Head in stock for rental purposes.

Most of us are entrepreneurs and it cost us more to compete than to innovate.

Start the conversation today !!!!
Ask us how PoolGroup Network can assist you in a time in need.

Real Pest Defense

Real Pest Defense has over 25 years of experience servicing clients in Puerto Rico and Central Florida. We offer pest extermination for roach, ant, spider, flea and tick control, fire/carpenter ant, pre-treatments, in-wall pest tubes, baiting systems, and other comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial pest control.

Our licensed and certified technicians customize each service to meet our client’s specific needs. All our services have a 30 day guarantee

Contact us at : 407-590-1485


*Pool and spa

Service and repair


Resurfacing and Retiling

  • Acid Wash
  • Deck paint
  • Child safety Fence
  • Screen repair
  • Salt system conversion
  • Pump - Motor - Filter
  • Install and repair
  • Home improvement
  • Home hot water heater replacement
  • Kitchen replacement and bathroom upgrade
  • Home water purifier
  • Pool Heat pump and Gas heater


Management Company

POOLS has work with many management companies in the Disney area and understand most of the expectations they share to cater to their clientele.

Let us know how we can be your go to company so we can service your clientele with the best experience.


POOLS has a 30 years experience on hotel renovation across North America and Europe .

We do service your swimming pools needs and renovations giving you on top of the supplies you have a new innovative suppliers that will assist you on your supplies .